Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

31 Aug

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Our ribbon cutting ceremony was a huge success and begins the next step for the LINC. The LINC is embarking on new adventures to bring Newnan together through connecting our beautiful community. 

Mayor Keith Brady spoke at the ribbon cutting ceremony sharing the importance of the LINC and this newest addition to the LINC trail system. Mayor Brady greeted everyone who turned up for the ribbon cutting and shared his support for the entire team that helped make the LINC a reality. 

The Ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by many frequent visitors to the LINC as well as many people who helped plan and create the LINC. 

The ribbon cutting was a major success, and the friends of the LINC came out to support this momentous occasion. This ceremony points toward the future of the LINC and the importance of these trail systems for our Newnan community.

Jim Qualls Interview

We spoke to exercise coach and LINC user Jim Qualls about the LINC and how you can get around Newnan on the extensive trail pathways.

Qualls offered advice on the best places to enter the LINC.

Qualls said,, “Here at the east end of the link trail, where it goes into Summer
Grove is a great place for many people to enter the link. And you can
ride from here all the way into downtown Newnan. And of course, a
great thing to do now is to go across 85. When you get up there,
that’s lots of fun.”

Qualls said, “A lot of people park at the Newnan Center and the Don Nixon Center in those parking lots. […] It’s a great place to access the path from there.”

The LINC is great for anyone. Qualls said, “It’s a lot of fun and adventure as much as you want or as little as you want. […] it’s very popular with dog walkers and you’ll notice that they have scattered all along the way some facilities to help you clean up after your dog.”

Do you want to enjoy your local community when you have some time to spare? Qualls shares how the LINC is a great way to take a break around Newnan. Qualls said, “All along the LINC,

there are various places to stop and take a break. Some nice folks have donated benches.”

Do you want to start walking more? The journey might feel long, but the LINC can make walking fun for you. Qualls said, “It’s a great place to stop in the shade. Take a break, have a drink, maybe visit with somebody you know, and it breaks it up for you if you need to do that.”

The LINC makes it easy to keep Newnan clean when you enjoy everything your city has to offer including the beauty of nature. Qualls said, “the LINC has numerous places to throw your trash away and to recycle and it’s a great way to keep the place clean. Take some pride in and do our part. Also on the link path, there’s every kind of Georgia wildlife you can think of.”

The hustle and bustle of a busy life can make you think it’s impossible to enjoy the little things, but the LINC makes sure wildlife and nature is easily accessible to all of Newnan. Qualls said, “enjoy the sounds of nature, the sights of the different birds especially. […] there are deer; pretty much every kind of wildlife that’s in Georgia is here […] you will see some of it as you walk the


Do you want a break from your busy day? The LINC is the perfect opportunity to make this dream a reality. Jim Qualls wants to share his own love for the LINC with all of you. Qualls said, “I recommend that you tune in to nature, listen to the birds, see them, stop at the creeks,

on the bridges and look down the creek and see what you see. We were just hearing a hawk over our heads a minute ago and it’s very relaxing to get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors.”

Are you ever nervous to walk because you don’t know the area well enough? The LINC is here to help. Qualls said this about the accessibility and ease of using the LINC: “the LINC is very well marked, telling you which way to go. Where to go. Different places. You’ll notice also that there [are] tunnel[s] here […]. So you can miss the traffic.”

Jim Qualls enjoys using the LINC and he encourages everyone in Newnan and nearby communities to get out and use this valuable resource.

Mural Update

We have an update to share regarding the beautiful new additions to the LINC: John Christian’s mural–honoring the history of Newnan–within the tunnel under Greison Trail. 

Due to recent flooding, city engineers are in the process of designing additional structures for this tunnel to combat the present flooding–and limit more flooding in the future.

We will remain on schedule for the mural to be completed by December 2022. Thank you for your help and support for all our LINC projects.

Major Milestone

After the ribbon cutting, we achieved a major milestone for the LINC! 

The bridge connecting sections of the LINC is now officially installed. The bridge was delivered fully built on a 100-foot truck and was installed to complete the LINC circuit. 

The entire circuit of the LINC is not officially complete, but we are one step closer to paving the complete LINC trail section. With this bridge installed, our last step is to pave remaining graded portions of this section of the path. 

Our main truck-trail connecting the East side of Newnan with Downtown Newnan for all its citizens and visitors is almost completed and we owe so much to all our loyal supporters and friends. 


Come join us for an event fun for the whole family–including pets! Howl-O-Ween! This amazing Halloween event will include costume contests for your pets! Make sure to bring your family along to celebrate Halloween with your Newnan community. 

More details will be announced soon, so keep on the lookout. 

Howl-O-Ween will be October 30th at CJ Smith Park. Mark this date on your calendar as more details become available. You don’t want to miss this!


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