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The LINC is a new, exciting multipurpose trail built on public rights of way and greenspace, creating a 26-mile network of paved paths for recreating and socializing in Newnan, Georgia.

The LINC trail system is enjoyed by walkers, runners, skaters, bicyclists, and people using non-motorized vehicles.

LINC positively impacts property values, community health, and economic development in and around the Newnan community.


The LINC encourages physical activity and active transportation, producing real public health benefits.


Escape the hustle and bustle of the streets as the LINC facilitates socialization, public education, and community events.


The LINC conserves land, offers “safe-nature” recreation, and promotes environmental awareness.

LINC Phase 2: Construction is now underway

The City of Newnan has awarded the construction contract for the next section of the LINC multiuse path system to Lewallen Construction. Phase 2 of the LINC will ultimately connect the current terminus of Phase 1 to downtown Newnan. Phase 2 will add 3.4 miles to the current 1.4 miles of trail. The LINC is […]

Considering an E-Bike? What you need to know …

E-bikes are bicycles with a battery-powered “assist” that comes via pedaling, When you push the pedals on a pedal-assist e-bike, a small motor engages and gives you a boost, so you can zip up hills and cruise over rough/tough terrain without gassing yourself. E-bikes get more people riding more often by eliminating some of the […]

Health & Fitness On The LINC Path

A path system is a great asset for any community. I’ve long been among those behind the efforts to add paths and connectivity to communities all over the land. Newnan area folks are gaining a wonderful thing as The LINC path system gets built. Most of us live busy, demanding, over-scheduled lives. Though we were […]