LINC Sculpture Dedication, Ribbon Cutting, and Upcoming Events

21 Feb

Sculpture Dedication

On Thursday, we had an extremely successful dedication plaque ceremony for the beautiful sculpture project Concurrent Metamorphosis II, which was made possible with sculptor Chris Rothermel as well as donor Scott Chahalis. 


This sculpture project has been a long time coming for the LINC and will hopefully lead to much more art throughout the LINC. 


Scott Chahalis commented on how this dedication plaque ceremony is one of the first times it didn’t rain during the ceremonies and milestones bringing this eye catching and important sculpture to life. 


Chris Rothermel highlighted the difficulty of finishing this project during tumultuous times with supply chain issues. It has been a long journey to get to this moment. Rothermel said, “the times that we were talking from after when it was installed to end like this had to be done trying to explain it to someone how to do it. […] ultimately you have to give, give and take. But the the stone industry is so busy now, they don’t even want to get on a truck for less than $1,000.” 


Everyone shared how proud they are at this massive accomplishment for the LINC and their hopes for bringing more public art projects like this one to the Newnan community in the future. Scott said, “Everyone’s busy and crazy and unbelievable. So proud. You did a great job. They really do appreciate you so much.”

Ribbon Cutting 

On Friday, we had the final ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the connection of the east and west side of the LINC trail system.

Mayor Keith Brady attended the ribbon cutting and complimented the LINC team on completing a major part of the trail system. He said, “You guys have done such an amazing job getting this first major trunkline of the LINC completed within the proposed time.”

Mayor Brady also complimented the LINC for connecting the Newnan community through this well-planned trail system we all know and love. He said, “It’s one of the more popular amenities of our city. Creating the LINC trail system took time and effort to create the perfect master plan, connecting Newnan with beautiful trails, so everyone could walk, bike, and make their way anywhere throughout our city. “

The ribbon cutting was a perfect representation of all the hard work that went into the LINC and how much the LINC means to our community. Mayor Keith Brady said, “So first and foremost, I want to say thank you always to the citizens of the county who passed the SPLOST funding to make this happen. This can happen for future planned sections as well.”

We couldn’t have asked for a better ribbon cutting ceremony or a better project to celebrate. We all look forward to seeing our community continuing to use the LINC every day.

Upcoming Events

Don’t forget about Ready, Set ..Linc!

Ready…Set…LINC has been a huge success for our community and the LINC trail system–and
we can’t wait to do it all again! We can’t wait to see all your smiling faces as we celebrate the
LINC together with food, fun, and friends.

Ready, Set, LINC is a great event for the whole family, so keep April 21st (from 4:00pm to
8:00pm) marked on your calendars. Ready, Set, LINC will be held at Newnan Centre 1515
Lower Fayetteville Road.

Don’t forget Ready…Set…LINC will feature a Battle-of-the-Bands competition with a $500 prize
this year! To ensure each performance is family friendly, lyrics must be approved prior to the
event. Keep on the lookout for our sign-up sheet, which will be coming soon.

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