Interview with Woof Gang Bakery

31 Jul

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Interview with Woof Gang Bakery Co-Owner Ro Allen

We spoke with Ro Allen, the co-owner of the Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming located in Ashley Park, which is an extremely convenient location to access from the LINC.

Ro Allen spoke with us about the importance of the LINC and the resilience of the city of Newnan to make sure the LINC is up and running even after terrible disasters.

Ro said, “ two or three years ago there was an E-5 tornado that hit Newnan really badly and it came through the LINC area. […] they came and cleaned it up. Within 24 or 48 hours. There were trees blocking the sidewalk. The bridge was bent and they fixed it. They fixed it fast so we could access the LINC still and enjoy walking out here.”

Ro also shared detailed information with us about the large size and scope of the LINC, which connected different areas of Newnan, so anyone can walk and discover a new area of their amazing community.

Ro said, “this part of the LINC trail takes you from Newnan crossing bypass to Summer Grove. Summer Grove is another community, a really big community. I think that’s where the start of the LINC trail is, which is over by the Newnan Center.[…] it’s a really cool, cool trail. Also, I think […] there’s a off road bike trail where people ride their mountain bikes in the woods, the wooded area. […] this part of the LINC connects you to different communities.You have an apartment complex […] The bridge that takes you from this side of Newnan […] to Ashley Park.”

Ro shared some of the many amazing places within Ashley Park that you can visit from the LINC. Ro said, “You have Target, you have the City of Hope, which is the

former cancer treatment center of America. You have Dillard’s Belk, you have Wolfgang Bakery and GroupMe.

Ro went on to tell us about all the different amenities available to LINC visitors traveling along the pathways.

Ro said, “You have tons of different stores for shopping and different amenities. […] you can

walk to Kroger. There’s an orange dairy if you want to work out. If you want to get your nails done, you can do that. There’s some doctor’s offices that way, Publix and all kinds of different stores that we can just walk to easily right off the LINC trail.”

Are you looking for a nice place to visit with your pets? Ro shared with us all the details of Ashley Park’s own dog park.

Ro said, “Bark Park. You can bring your dogs to come and play. […] It’s a pretty cool place to bring your pups to play. We have a few pups in here right now, and you guys know how easy it is for access from the LINC.”

But where exactly does the LINC trail pathway connect to Ashley Park?

Ro gave us the details, “The LINC trail connects to Ashley Park over by one live fitness, but you can easily access the rest of Ashley Park and all of the stores and amenities.”

As you can see, the LINC is a great way to find your way to different areas around Newnan, including Ashley Park.

We spoke with Ro Allen, the co-owner of the Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming located in Ashley Park, which is an extremely convenient location to access from the LINC.

Ro introduced Woof Gang Bakery and shared how convenient it is to the LINC trail.

Ro said, “I’m Ro Allen. This is our store, Woof Gang Bakery. […] You can easily get to it from the LINC trail just by coming down. Or you can come in down here by the movie theater and walk down the path this way. […] Woof Gang opened two months ago here in Ashley Park.”

Ro explained everything Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming has to offer.

Ro said, “We are [a] full service grooming salon where you can come and get your

pups pampered each and every day from a luxury bath to nail trim to a full haircut. We also have gourmet treats and premium […] leashes[,]collars and toys, anything to spoil your pup.”

Woof Gang has so many amazing dog treats to offer.

Ro told us all about the amazing treats, “we have treats from granola donuts to faux ice cream cones to pizza, all kinds of things that your dog will love. Then we have different bulk treats from grain free cheese and bacon treat to cheesy flavor treats, […] we have tons of different things for you to choose from.”

Are you looking for the best way to celebrate your pets birthday or gotcha day? Woof Gang Bakery is here to help.

Ro shared all about their birthday and gotcha day offerings. “Over here we have our

celebration table where we celebrate your dog’s birthday or gotcha day. We have Happy gotcha day Bones, and also happy gotcha day cakes. […] . we have cakes and and cookies and treats for your dog’s celebration. “

Ro told us all about the toys and accessories Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming has to offer.

“the different types of toys, they all make a squeaky sound. This is our farmer’s market where we have things such as trachea. We have different kinds of bully sticks, if you like. Have a dog that’s a chewer[,] we also have something even more durable a rib bone and all kinds of exotic treats. […] This is our style section, […] here you’re going to find very cool and fun leashes and collars. They’re made of very durable materials. “

Ro also shared Woof Gang’s premium dog food options if you’re looking for something better for your pet.

“And last but not least, we have our premium dog foods we have from signature brands. […] our frozen food area is where we have raw food. So for those of you who your dogs are on a raw diet, we have frozen raw items. […] we also have freeze dried raw food. […] all you have to do is add water or add a broth or a goat’s milk or some type of liquid to activate the raw food.”

Are you looking to beat the heat this summer with your furry friends? Woof Gang Bakery has you covered there too.

Ro told us all about their frozen treats for your dogs. “we have pretty cool gelato

for these hot summer days for your dog. Come by and see us. We’re right here in Ashley Park.”

Are you looking for a pet groomer? Woof Gang is also a pet salon.

Ro said, “we have ten grooming stations here. So we have enough space to groom your dogs. And we have a big wash room in the back where they are washed and dried in kennel

areas where they’re kept to to either dry or just a waiting area. […] We’re going to take care of your pups here.”

And if you are looking for options for your cats, Woof Gang has great choices!

Ro said, “we do have a small cat section, so we didn’t forget about the kitty cats. So there

are some treats and toys and food for cats.”

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