Interview with LINC User and Exercise Coach

28 Jul

The LINC trail system in Newnan Georgia offers many benefits to its residents. We spoke to exercise coach and LINC user Jim Qualls about the various benefits the LINC has to offer.

Interview with LINC User and Exercise Coach

Jim Qualls is a Peachtree City resident but loves using the LINC and has built friendships and professional relationships using the LINC’s miles and miles of trails throughout Newnan. 

The LINC is bringing Newnan residents–as well as our friends from neighboring towns–together. Qualls said, “I’m happy when I ever hear about connecting; a path system.” Qualls is in support of how the LINC is helping residents and visitors get exactly where they need to be while encouraging walking, cycling, and more.

Qualls highlights benefits of the LINC. “You can go somewhere to eat, but also [you can use the LINC] for recreating and exercising. It has all the benefits.”

Path systems are extremely beneficial for their communities. Qualls appreciates “The effect [the LINC] has on the community that those paths are going through.” 

The introduction of the LINC has helped Newnan grow as a community, bringing everyone together while encouraging our citizens to get out and be active. 

Qualls said the LINC “allows people to be able to move all these places-short distances, long distances, without having to be in a car.” The LINC offers accessibility and comfortable access to Newnan for anyone and everyone. 

There’s something for everyone on the LINC. Qualls said there are “so many different ways to enjoy it that different people with different interests and different abilities can do.”

Qualls expresses how much he loves the LINC and how much he enjoyed our past events. He said, “I’ve been to 2 or 3 of the events the LINC committee has held on the LINC. The most recent one [was] the big one at Newnan Centre.”

LINC Project Updates

We will be having a public ribbon cutting ceremony on August 9thto showcase sections A and B of the LINC. 

We will keep you updated with more details about this event that is sure to be a worthy celebration of the LINC. 

Keep the date of our upcoming ribbon cutting in mind and we will update when we know the time and location for this LINC event.


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