Interview With Dee Glazier and SPLOST Vote Reminder

23 Sep

Thank you for your continued support of the LINC. We can’t wait to introduce new additions to the LINC in the coming months. We take pride in connecting our Newnan community together through our extensive trail system.

Interview with Dee Glazier: Owner of Dragonfly Running Company

We spoke with Dee Glazier, the owner of Dragonfly Running Company, which is located in downtown Newnan, and is easily accessible through the LINC trails.

Dee Glazier spoke about starting her store. She said, “We are going on our eighth year. We actually opened eight years ago in October. And the change that we have seen in Newnan just in the past eight years, but in the past 31 years that I have been here has been amazing”.”

She went on to share with us what her store offers to the Newnan community. She said, “Our store services, runners, walkers and people that have foot issues, things like that. […] we don’t have to drive outside of our county anymore or our city to get good walking or running shoes. […] Whether you’re a seasoned runner, you’ a walker, a new runner, or if you’ve been sent here by your doctor, we want to make sure that you are in the right shoe and we go through a whole fit process to do that.”

Dee went on to explain how the LINC has helped her store thrive in downtown Newnan. She said, “with the addition of the LINC […] has come to the county and to the city […] has just been amazing. The way it brings to downtown Newnan. […] You can access it from across the interstate into downtown. […] Back during COVID, we saw more and more people just out walking and running because they could get back outside and they saw the benefit of what walking and running and biking will do for you.”

She went on to share how Newnan has embraced wellness. She said, “Newnan has become just phenomenal in its adoption of wellness, of having a wellness community, having just citizens that want to be outside, that want to get healthy and just be out in the sunshine.”

And the LINC is responsible for this positive change in the community. Dee said, “The LINC now comes all the way into downtown Newnan. […] now with the connection of the bridge, it […] comes across at Ashley Park and you can come all the way into downtown Newnan, so whether you’re walking, running or biking, you can access both sides of the county.”

She went on to share how much she loves Newnan and what we can do to help!. She said, “It is such a nice area. We want to expand that. And the only way to expand that is, of course, through SPLOST, because we need money to build more paths.”

Dee shared her goals for the LINC. She said “We eventually want 25 miles of path throughout the city. […] we’ve already got the east side and we’re coming out. We want the North and we want the South. So we want the whole area to encompass it. And I can’t say enough about it. We use it all the time with our group runs.

Dee shared how her customers are using the LINC! She said, “Our customers use it. They have told me, Hey Dee, I just walked from Ashley Park all the way into downtown and I never had to fight with traffic and never had to compete with the cars. And that is such a nice aspect of the LINC.”

Dee encourages Newnan citizens and guests to use the LINC. She said, “Any time people come into Newnan, whether you’ve been here a couple of years or you’ve been here 30 years or you grew up here, we try to tell people, Hey, get outside, utilize the LINC.”

She shares even more amazing details about the LINC. She said, “You’ll see what a benefit it is to our community. It goes right through C.J. Smith Skate Park. […] If you haven’t been there, it is phenomenal. There are always people at that skate park and in the park itself with the splash pad. It is so nice, but the fact that we get to be in downtown Newnan and support the link is just phenomenal.”

Dee shares her enthusiasm about the LINC. She said “You can get as much distance as you want, but we want more. We want more. We want to go out toward the fairgrounds. We want to go out toward the hospital. So anything that you can do, we just want to do that. But the fact that we get to support it is just amazing.”


Please mark your calendars to vote YES to the Coweta County SPLOST sales tax referendum November 7, 2023.


● The Coweta SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) is a 1%

sales tax currently in place that funds local capital projects including Coweta

County green spaces and parks.

● Current SPLOST is set to expire December 31, 2024.

● A significant revenue source for capital projects generated by everyone

making retail or online purchases in Coweta County.

● If approved, the 2025 SPLOST will be a continuation of the current 7% sales

tax, NOT a new or additional tax.


● Tell 2 friends about the SPLOST vote and ask them to tell 2 friends.

● Post on your social media.

● Vote for SPLOST November 7, 2023.

Click here to register to vote or for more information.

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