Top Ten Reasons to Support the LINC

Coweta County residents responded in 2005 and again in 2016 in favor of more parks for passive recreation, and a frequent classification of this concept was for a linear park.

A linear park brings a park amenity to areas of the County that otherwise would have no close access to a park.

A linear park showcases not only urban, but also rural areas which, in Coweta, are some of the most beautiful parts of the County.

A linear park is not only a neighborhood amenity for those who live nearby, but a destination for people who will drive to the path in order to walk, run, bike, shop, or socialize.

Linear parks are one of the top two desired community amenities among all four adult age groups (seniors, boomers, gen-xers and millennials).

Linear parks improve public health and encourage civic engagement.

Linear parks create real dollar savings in public health.

Linear parks increase property values.

Linear parks promote new businesses, tourism, special events, and economic development. 

Linear parks create a positive legacy for the future of our community.