LINC Parking

Parking for the LINC is at the Newnan Centre, 1515 Lower Fayetteville Rd. Turn right into the Newnan Centre parking lot and you will find a lovely trailhead with benches, a dog station, a bike repair station, trash receptacles, and signage. Additional parking is located closer to Newnan Crossing Elementary School, on Summerlin Road.


LINC Phase 1 map

The LINC starts in Newnan near the Summergrove subdivision, behind the Market Square shopping center.  Mile Marker 0.0 is located on Highwoods Pkwy. This section of the LINC features woods, bridges, a tunnel under Lower Fayetteville Road, a mural,  a big hill, and a healthy dose of peace and quiet. Phase 1 is approximately 1.4 miles long, ending on Newnan Crossing Blvd. near the Kroger shopping center.

LINC Phase 1 and 2 and Future map

Phase 2 of the LINC is currently in the planning stages. It will connect the current terminus of Phase 1 to downtown Newnan near the Railroad Depot. Phase 2 will be approximately 3.5 miles long. And yes, it will bridge Interstate 85! Planning and engineering will take most of 2019 and we hope to construct Phase 2 in 2020!

Funding for “Future” sections of the LINC beyond Phase 1 and Phase 2 has not been identified.