Board of Directors

Friends of LINC, Inc. Mission Statement

The mission of Friends of LINC, Inc. is to develop resources for enhancement, further development, extension, promotion, construction, acquisition of property, public engagement, and programs and activities of the LINC multi-use trail project. Community stakeholders include public and private property owners, Chamber of Commerce and the local business community, Coweta County School System, Central Educational Center (CEC), University of West Georgia, Newnan-Coweta Arts Association, Newnan Cultural Arts Commission, Newnan Coweta Historical Society, City of Newnan, and Coweta County.


Board of Directors

Deb Kalish, President, real estate attorney
Jim Thomasson, Vice President, commercial real estate
Sandra Wisenbaker, board member, Solicitor General
Parks Avery, board member, local business owner
Chris Doane, local business owner
Clay Neely, journalist
Brent Snodgrass, event organizer
Isabel Hair, local business owner
Gina Lee, account executive
Vern Wilburn, local business owner
Susan Kraut, local business leader


Kim Learnard